Preparation is Everything.

There will be some travelling going on this year, something I will detail in a future post. What I can reveal already is that one of these trips will take me to Ireland again, but not on my own: I will teach one of my Bachelor courses in Limerick this summer, taking 17 students from our uni with me.

The course is designed to start here and then conclude in Ireland; after the first lessons, I was getting a bit worried about the bunch of students I had picked to come along, as they were rather quiet during the lessons. Very quiet. So to get to know each other a bit better and see whether they were actually able to relax (and hence survive in Ireland), I took them out to my local for a Guinness or two.

I shouldn’t have worried: We spent 5 hours at The James, emptying their supply of ciders (I am not kidding) and entertaining all the other guests with our stories. After a quick stop at a kebab shop with six of them, I decided to call it a day at 2.30 am, while they wandered on to a club to dance the night away.

Looks like Ireland is going to be fun after all.


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