Impro 005.

As I am usually the one trying to come up with creative ideas for a day trip, an evening out, or some special activities with friends and family, I really enjoy it when somebody else is planning an activity to surprise me with. When I met Susanne at the Christmas market, we had barely strolled for a couple of minutes before she asked me whether I wanted to go somewhere else; she had booked tickets for “a thing”, something she was sure I would enjoy.

As Christmas markets are not really my cup of tea anyway, I said yes without even knowing where we were heading to. 15 minutes later, we arrived at an arts centre and picked up our tickets for an improv theatre show; I had never watched one, but Susanne had been to several performances before and was sure I would be into it – and she was right. The cast was outstandingly good, with the right amount of banter, hilarity, and creativity (and some corpsing, which made them even more endearing).

Thanks, Susanne – it was a very entertaining evening and a lovely surprise!

Impro 005.



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