The Bored Gorilla.

As if I wasn’t busy enough, I started doing yoga recently. The university offers some free health-related courses for its employees, and as I had always wanted to try it, I am giving it a go. Surprisingly, yoga can be much more exhausting than it looks like; while the meditation parts at the beginning and the end are very relaxing (so much that I regularly doze off), the part in-between is arduous: Who would have thought that the sun salute could actually make you sweat when done at a certain speed?

And yet, I enjoy yoga: The movements are good for my back, although some of them are a painful reminder that I need to work harder on my posture and muscles in general, and it is a nice way to calm down after a stressful day at work. However, I am not sure whether I am in the right spiritual mindset for yoga …

Imagine the following scene: The room is quiet. Dimmed lights. 12 ladies on yoga mats kneel on their right knee, with the left leg in a crouching position and the shoulders hunched forward. The left elbow rests on the left knee, the right arm swings freely. Deep breaths are taken, eyes are closed, heads slightly bowed. Utter relaxation … until the yoga instructor softly says: “And this position is called the bored gorilla.”

Have a guess which of these ladies starting laughing so hysterically that she almost rolled off the mat.


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