More than a year after I had finished my degree, I finally made it to Rennes to pick up my certificate. So for the first time, I actually visited the university I had studied at for two years – a situation only possible thanks to distance learning… In hindsight, it was a great decision to do my second Master at l’Université Rennes II, in particular regarding my professors. Even though we only communicated via email, phone or skype, I developed a really good relationship with them, especially with my supervisor Lesley and head of programme Stéphane.

So although I was in Rennes for just 36 hours, I insisted on inviting them for dinner in a typical crêperie in the evening. I spent the day taking a look at the university and the city centre (surprisingly interesting, with a mix of grand buildings, lots of antique, almost derelict houses, and colourful graffiti), having lunch at a bistro, going shopping, buying flowers for the ladies, and finally meeting them at a pub for a pre-dinner drink.

Given that we had never met in person, it was amazing how well we hit it off straight away: We spent about 5 hours together, with not a dull moment in sight. In fact, we were laughing so hysterically in the crêperie that other patrons gave us amused looks (Lesley: “Oh God, we can never come here again…!”). After a heartfelt farewell, I walked home and fell face first into bed, sleeping a sound 8 hours until it was time to get up for the train back to CDG airport.

If I had known you were so much fun, I would have come much sooner and more frequently, Rennes.




Café Montmartre.


Hotel de Ville.


Satan vous attend ici.


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