A Silver Wedding.

Helen and Don celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on the Sunday before Bank Monday. I was rather touched by the invite, especially as Helen was so keen on having me there, even checking several times in the weeks before whether I was going to make it.

Their garden party was a highly entertaining affair: Helen introduced me to a friend of hers, stating “And this is Tinka, who is not my friend!” – at least that’s what I understood, resulting in a rather confused “Huh?!” on my part. Turns out she said “… who is now my friend”. Ah. Ok. About two hours into the party, my phone screen broke when my mobile slid off my skirt and hit the tiled floor of the terrace (Yes, alcohol may have been a contributing factor in this incident). Another hour later, Mark managed to nick a bottle of Vodka from Jordon and his friends, which made the youngsters frantically search for it for a couple of minutes, at loss of how it had managed to suddenly vanish. We laughed so hard that we cried; Alison in particular was having a ball. As usual, I slightly embarrassed Robert with my casual innuendos, but I think that him quietly keeping me in check has now become part of our “evening out” routine. Neil, on the other hand, seems to be rather unfazed by my banter. That, or he has already given up.

There was some fantastic food on offer, also thanks to Robert, who had prepared very delicious meat, leading to more innuendos – but this time from Neil. And even though I had second servings and only three glasses of wine, I was the one who managed to fall on her arse when crossing the garden late at night – not because I was drunk, but thanks to a bump in the lawn. Honestly.

Garden Party.

Strawberry Trifle.

In the Limelight.

PS: Robert also introduced me to Snapchat, resulting in some bonkers photo sessions during the weekend …


2 thoughts on “A Silver Wedding.

  1. Neil 13 September 2016 / 9:23 pm

    Given up I think!? Xxx


    • Tinka 13 September 2016 / 9:45 pm

      And wisely so … :o)


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