Got up at 6 am. Left home at 7 am. Flew out of DUS at 11 am. Touched down in Dublin at 12.30 pm (local time). Got on a bus at 1.30 pm. Arrived at the University of Limerick at 4.15 pm and was thoroughly shattered, even though I had slept for most of the plane ride and bus trip. And yet, I wanted to see Limerick, to walk off the tiredness and get some fresh air.

I have rented a room at a hall of residence on campus, which, by the way, is the first time ever I have stayed in university accommodation; since I turned 19, I have either lived on my own or – occasionally – in a flat share. The campus is a couple of kilometres away from the city centre and virtually deserted during the summer break, so it takes some effort to get to the centre / have some form of societal life (which, in retrospective, makes me feel rather relieved that I decided to live off-campus back then).

Walking around and studying things, especially through the lens of my camera, often helps me to acclimatise to new surroundings. I like to get a feeling for a place by strolling aimlessly around town, taking spontaneous turns whenever I think I have walked down a particular street long enough. So far, Limerick has struck me as a creative, fairly young, but also rather run-down city. It is not ugly per se, but when I observe the locals and look around the cityscape, there seems to be a certain melancholic sadness about the place. I could be wrong; maybe Limerick will surprise me in the next days with an enthusiastic display of vigour and splendour. I have my doubts, though.

Limerick 2020.

Taking selfies.

Honan's Quay.

Hunt Museum.

Culture is where we are from.

St Mary's Cathedral.

Katie Smyth.

We are.

Everybody else.

The Stables.

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