In or Out?

Naturally, I am very interested in the EU referendum in Great Britain, probably more so than the average German. Being a passionate European myself, it is not difficult to guess who would get my vote, but the polls in the last couple of weeks have given me more than just a passing headache, I have to admit. There is no way of knowing the outcome of the referendum until tomorrow morning, so while I intend to stay awake for another hour or so, it means I could wake up to a very different Europe tomorrow morning (God forbid. The Brexit, not the waking up part).

As there was no sense in fretting about the outcome all day, I had planned a barbecue with my Master students; we had our last lesson today, so I had arranged with the chef of the canteen to fire up the grill and hand out some beers. Incidentally, today has also been the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures hitting 33° C at 4 pm. By the time we went downstairs, the air was humid and sticky, and the thunderstorm was imminent. Thankfully, it waited for another 90 minutes, so we could eat outside and later went inside for some chit-chat.

The Gang.

The rain eventually died down; I finally went home after three hours of interesting talks and lots of laughs. After a much-needed shower, I settled down in front of the TV to start my referendum marathon …. which was rudely interrupted by what can best be described as “the end of the world as we know it”: The sky was suddenly illuminated by more than 30 flashes per minute, accompanied by rumbling thunder; I even stood on the balcony and watched for a while (yes, not the smartest move, but I happen to like thunderstorms). I just hope it is not a harbinger of things to come.


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